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“FANTASTIC speaker! This is, hands down, the best seminar and speaker I’ve ever attended/heard – not just at EBIA BUT ANYWHERE! I appreciated the speaker’s significant knowledge base AND his practical tips AND his humor. Thank you! Thank you!” – Atlanta, Ga.

“Andy’s presentation is fabulous! Makes learning about HIPAA interesting. I will actually remember most of what I heard today without referring back to my notes.” – Baltimore, Md.

“Andy was an excellent, effective speaker (so much so I would beg colleagues to contact him in the event they need a benefits speaker.)” – Chicago, Ill.

“Such a refreshing take on COBRA and its rules. Never a dull moment with Andy. Love the songs, love the scenarios, love the clarification. Thank you!” – Minneapolis, Minn.

“Love the guitar and song! Speaker had a great sense of humor and actually made benefits and ERISA entertaining. Thank you. Easy to follow and well organized.” – Phoenix, Az.

“Andy was a breath of fresh air...his style and approach were entertaining and educational. I really enjoyed this session.” – Portland, Ore.

“Excellent and engaging speaker! Truly astute and knowledgeable on not only regulations, but on the use of the political, social and economic forces. Speaker has the ability to make topics, that otherwise can be at times mundane, very interesting, relevant and relatable. Also enjoyed the practical (vs. theoretical) approach to the topics!” – Seattle, Wash.